What is TrophyCatch?

TrophyCatch is celebrating 10 incredible Seasons and we want to share what we’ve learned from you, and inspire you to explore new waters. More details about other special promotions and even competitions to help celebrate Season 10 will be shared soon!

TrophyCatch is FWC’s data collecting and promotional program for largemouth bass in Florida. We ask anglers who pursue largemouth bass to be ready to photo/video document all bass weighing 8 lbs. or heavier. Each catch provides invaluable data that guides management decisions. Let TrophyCatch validate and brag about your amazing catch all the while winning great prizes from our conservation partners like Bass Pro Shops. Want to participate? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Be legal, be properly licensed and fish in fresh or brackish water within the State of Florida. Check your gear and ensure that you have a working scale and camera.
  • Map it out; explore where TrophyCatch fish are being caught in your area to plan your fishing trip.
  • Catch and document your TrophyCatch.

For more details please read the Rules.

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We sincerely appreciate all of our sponsors and partners for supporting TrophyCatch, and we are extremely grateful for all of the participating anglers who make the program the most successful angler-driven conservation program in the United States.

Submit in three easy steps. Take a photo of the entire bass with weight showing, release the bass and submit your entry here.