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TrophyCatch Program Overview:

TrophyCatch was shaped during a round table discussion between fishing industry leaders and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) while working on the Black Bass Management Plan. Although TrophyCatch is managed by the FWC, it is the anglers and partners who really make this program successful.

TrophyCatch connects partner branding and products with the celebration of each angler’s achievement. All catches provide invaluable data on trophy-sized bass that influences management decisions. All the while inspiring new areas of research that further cement Florida’s title as the “Bass Capital of the World.”

Our mission would not be achievable without the support and input from our long-standing partners. They ensure that Florida’s iconic fisheries can be enjoyed by future generations.


Join the TrophyCatch team and be recognized as a company who cares about conservation, anglers and Florida’s valuable fisheries.

TrophyCatch Partners


TrophyCatch (TC) rewards anglers who catch, document and release their largemouth bass weighing 8+ pounds. Florida is the only state that turns anglers into citizen-scientists and tracks their individual trophy bass catches.

We recently celebrated 85,600+ supporters and over 10,000+ approved catches in the #TenThousandTrophies promotion!


TrophyCatch Angler Reach


TrophyCatch has impacted thousands of anglers by increasing their enjoyment of one of fishing's ultimate accomplishments!


TrophyCatch Reach:

  • The FWC Website ( receives 10 million+ visits per year and links to, which receives 10,000+ monthly views with an average visit duration of 2 minutes. Traffic has recently increased of 28% in new visitors in recent months a 17% increase in sessions too.
  • The TrophyCatch App allows anglers to capture the required weight-photo(s) for submissions while offline.
  • The newest addition to is the TrophyCare page, which is designed to guide anglers on accurate weighing practices, proper fish handling and measuring practices, and safe hook removal techniques, among other topics.
  • The TrophyCatch Facebook page is quickly approaching 14,000+ followers who are updated on program elements, events, partner promotions and research news.
  • The Instagram page @FishReelFlorida reaches approximately 4,500 followers and highlights not only TrophyCatch, but topics related to Florida’s freshwater fisheries. Program and partner videos are posted on TrophyCatch YouTube.
  • T-Mails (Topic Emails) and the quarterly Florida Freshwater Angler e-newsletters with TrophyCatch updates 100,000+ subscribers. Annually, we can reach 455,697+ license holders.
  • TrophyCatch typically attends 50+ Events reaching 500,000+ people.
  • Multiple FWC Research Projects were inspired by TrophyCatch, including the trophy bass tagging study, telemetry tracking and even an angler perception survey.


Program Promotions:

The Eyeball Challenge is the brainchild of our research biologists that offer 3 rounds of fun for our anglers to challenge their ability to “visually weigh” largemouth bass!

Click this link to test your skills and see how good you are!

TrophyCatch Eyeball Challenge



10,000 Trophies:

Our anglers recently reached the milestone of over 10,000 approved catches since the program began in 2012. They have collectively caught and released over 91,500 pounds of bass. As of the end of April 2020 there have been 8,006 Lunker Club, 1,966 Trophy Club and 78 Hall of Fame fish to get us to this landmark occasion. We celebrated with them via our #TenThousandTrophies campaign generating the biggest jump in our Facebook Likes/Followers to date.

Ten Thousand Trophies




TrophyCatch veteran Chuck Decker shares his experience participating in the program — and a Hall of Fame catch!


Research Overview:

TrophyCatch has inspired our research biologists to dig deeper when studying bass and the world they occupy. Here are a few of our completed studies:

  • Trophy Tagging Study estimates the annual catch rate, harvest rate, release rate abundance and total catch data.
  • Telemetry Study allows biologists to track trophy fish movements, habitat utilization over time on Kingsley Lake and Harris Chain.
  • Fish Handling Evaluation revealed the strength of largemouth bass’ jaws and led the creation of the TrophyCARE page at
  • Eyeball Challenge is a fun way to engage and challenge our anglers at visually weighing bass. Test your skills in Round 2!
  • Angler Awareness and Participation Survey demonstrated that our anglers prefer email communications and that they participate in the program because of their data contributions. 


Join the TrophyCatch Team!

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